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Factory Unlocked i phone X  256gb mobile
  • Factory Unlocked i phone X  256gb mobile
  • Factory Unlocked i phone X 256gb mobile
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The new iphone x design, new style is more beautiful
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The new iphone x design, new style is more beautiful

Product details

Hardware               The operating system                          iOS 11

                              The core number                                 Six nuclear

                              The CPU model                                   Apple A11 + M11 coprocessor

                              CPU frequency                                    2.4GHz

                              RAM capacity                                             3GB

                              ROM capacity                                     256gb

                              Battery capacity                                 2716mAh

The screen                   Touch screen type                                         Capacitance screen, multi-touch

                              The home screen size                         5.8 inches

                              The home screen material                  OLED, the Multi - Touch screen

                              The home screen resolution               2436 x1125 pixels

                              The screen pixel density                    463ppi

                              A narrow margin                                4.57mm

Camera                       The camera type                                            After three cameras (double)

                             The rear camera                                 Double 12 million pixels

                             Front-facing camera                           7 million pixels

Appearance                Modelling design                                             A straightforward

                             The fuselage color                              Deep grey, silver

                             Mobile phone size                              143.6x70.9x7.7mm

                             Mobile phone weight                         174g

                             The fuselage material                         Glass body

                             Operation type                                   Virtual buttons

The product features

  1. The whole iPhone X, looks like a piece of almost the entire screen.New 5.8 -inch retina display are said to use the hand, looks gorgeous.
  2. Display to adopt new technology and technology, precise fit the curve of the fuselage, extends to the elegant fruity edges.
  3. This is the first to reach the iPhone design standard of OLED screen, display of accurate and gorgeous color, can present a real deep black, and has excellent brightness and 1000000:1 of the contrast.
  4. Small space, with great concentration we research and development of all kinds of advanced science and technology, including ID function can realize face all kinds of lens and the sensor.
  5. The fuselage USES is the most durable on the iPhone before and after the glass panel, and surgical grade stainless steel, more function of wireless charging and water-resistant dustproof design.
  6. Familiar with gestures, natural, simple and intuitive to use.No matter which interface, you need to sweep light can return to the main screen, don't have to use button.
  7. Your face, your password is now.Face ID function for device unlock pay, authentication, and has brought a new way safe and private.
  8. Face ID function through the original deep cameras, set up is very simple also.It will be more than 30000 projection light invisible to the naked eye, and analyze them, the depth of the accurate and detailed your face is drawn.
  9. Face ID very safe, you can feel free to use it for Apple to Pay.Just glance at the phone, you can easily pay.