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What you should know about the iphone7plus

What you should know about the iphone7plus

Iphone7plus if there is any change in appearance, the appearance of a new generation of the iPhone has always been part of the people most concerned about, insiders concerned about the appearance of the new generation of the iphone has adopted what appearance design, what process to upgrade so that in the subsequent products continue to salute. Eat the melon the public is more concerned about keep up with the generation of the difference between how much appearance, in his hand will be other people can recognize at a glance, and compared the iphone7 before increased the frosted texture of black and bright black two kinds of color, the shell still series aluminum metal to build by 7000, and more concise in antenna design.

But it is important to note that according to the official description: the light of the new iPhone is black the nine precision process of anodic oxidation and polishing process, but as for daily use is there may be slight wear, if you worry, the official suggested that wearing a protective sleeve. So pay attention to the users who buy the new color, although bright black is good, but easy to wear.

It is well known that apple's photos have been the benchmark for smartphones, but the rise of Samsung in the last two years has also created a sense of crisis in apple. At last apple has made almost revolutionary changes to the camera part of its product: dual cameras and double optical zoom. The iphone 7 has a dual 12 megapixel camera, one of which is responsible for the wide Angle and the other for the depth of field. You can draw a picture of the closer, from a longer distance to a high quality zoom. And add the "portrait" function in the camera, thanks to the latest ISP, while maintaining the facial clear background will become more blurred (with PS function), builds a knife sharp effect of milk.

In addition, the iphone 7 also offers twice the optical zoom and 10 times the digital zoom. The smart phone that we normally use in the photo enlarging, basically USES the digital zoom way, the area of each pixel in the picture increases, thus achieves the purpose of enlarging. It's not really the zoom, it's just the pixel area. Optical zoom is different, and optical zoom is a camera that relies on the optical lens structure to achieve zoom, which can be used to zoom in and out through the lens of the camera. Therefore, the iphone 7 not only promoted the brand new ISP, but also revolutionized the lens module.

The iphone 7 series is still made of 7, 000 series of aluminum metal, and has been redesigned for the fuselage shell, with IP67 waterproof/dustproof properties, and the principle is similar to that of samsung. Although for many apple users who are easy to "hand skate", this is a design that is worth the manual thumb up, but the higher level of the ip68-class waterproofing makes the iphone 7 look less Amazing. Here we also want to explain, in IPXX, two digits after the first number represents the solid protection grade, the range is 0 to 6, respectively protection of foreign bodies from the large particles to the dust; The second is the level of liquid protection. The range is 0-8, which represents the protection from vertical drop to underwater pressure. The higher the number indicates the stronger the ability. The difference between the last 7 and 8 is that "7" represents anti-short-time immersion; "8" stands for continuous immersion.

The iphone 7, as rumoured, cancels the headphone jack and USES Lightning to unify the charging and headphone jack. In the conference, apple said mold electrical signal has developed more than one hundred years of history, the current technology it has somewhat outdated, use 20 interface, can not only on the design of the circuit board does not need to because the cause of the voltage compromise, and can be made on the design of smart phones thickness decreases. In addition, the company also USES stereo dual speaker design (similar to the HTC BoomSound), and the audio output is twice as much as the iPhone 6s, and the dynamic range is also improved. For users, especially if you look at video, you can get a better experience. But in real life, the effect is that you can't use headphones while charging, so you need to buy a pair of bluetooth earphones for users.

The Home button has been an iconic part of the iPhone, and the iPhone7 has been redesigned. The iphone 7's Home button is designed in a solid-state button-down design, and it supports the power induction, in addition to increasing durability and speed. The Home button works with the new Taptic Engine, like the Mac's trackpad, which gives you a jolt of feedback, like a 3D Touch, and customizes it in Touch. Here, small make up also do not have responsibility to speculate that perhaps in the next one to two generation product, the iPhone will likely be Home button to make the rumored "touch", using Taptic Engine to simulate the actual pressure of the aftershock, and with embedded fingerprint identification technology mature, under the glass panel will therefore make touch is not a fable that the Home button.

On the hardware side, the iPhone 7 has also been fully promoted. With the latest four core A10 Fusion processors, a new architecture is adopted, with two high performance cores and two high energy efficiency cores. Compared to the previous A9 processor, performance improved by 40% and graphics performance increased by 50%. In addition, according to the previous online exposure, A10's single-core runs can reach 3379, while multiple nuclear runs can even reach 5,495. The results of the single core crushed snapdragon 820, the multi-core and the snapdragon 820 achievement. So the A10 Fusion is also apple's strongest smartphone chip ever.