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Honor 7x compares xiaomi 5x, same with "X" difference apparent

Honor 7x compares xiaomi 5x, same with

How much do you contribute to the double eleven? Needless to say, many friends must have filled their shopping carts early, waiting for the information to come out. Believe that cell phones are a lot of friends will choose items, however the current mobile phone market is prosperous, the models of many large manufacturers, has a certain difficulty, today small make up take you guys watch glory 7 x 5 x the two models and millet, we take a look at these two models have any eyes absorption.

The most outstanding feature is the full screen, 5.93 inch screen, the aspect ratio is 18:9, and the resolution is 2160 x 1080. The 7X is also built with the flagship metal molding technology. The antenna adopts nano injection molding, the front is 2.5D glass, and the body thickness is also controlled at 7.6 mm. The front and back sides of the fuselage are compressed to a very narrow and uncluttered look. The "honor" LOGO on the bottom is placed in the right place, which can point out the phone's brand and can also serve as decoration. Fuselage back equally commendable improvement, the parallel dual cameras in use perturbation design, the official said it is seeing "of the world," injection with two antennas placed on both ends up and down, the back of the fingerprint module placed in suitable for Asian fingers to comfortable place, overall is relatively clean.

The mi 5X is equipped with a 5.5-inch full-hd display with a high standard of color, reaching the mainstream level of the current model. The design of the front of the fuselage is very concise, although belong to the type that is more tolerant, but the appearance that lacks originality can make a person aesthetic fatigue inevitably. Using a white panel, xiaomi 5X's forehead is also very clean. The sensor, front-facing camera and receiver are arranged in sequence, arranged in order, and the size of opening hole is consistent. The lower part of the screen is the common touch android triple button, which is placed on the back of the fuselage. The bottom of the fuselage is the speaker, 3.5mm headphone jack and type-c standard charging interface. On the back of the fuselage can see metal accounted for a big body, thanks to use U injection antenna, the whole body feeling is more strong, the fingerprint module adopted the rear put, margin with specular trimming ornament.

The full system is equipped with 4GB, and the storage space has 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. The screen is 5.93-inch 18:9 ratio, 2160x1080 resolution full hd comprehensive screen, support video enhanced technology and eye protection mode. For the camera, the front camera is 8 megapixels, the rear camera is 16 million plus two million cameras, recording the picture information and the depth of field information. The system is based on EMUI5.1, which is based on android 7.0, with a battery capacity of 3340mAh, with a combination of platinum gold, night black and aurora blue.

The mi 5X is equipped with the snapdragon 625 processor +4GB transportation, which provides 32GB/64GB two storage specifications, with a battery capacity of 3080mAh and pre-installed MIUI 8.5 system. Double 12 megapixel camera with wide Angle + long focus scheme, support 2 times zoom and portrait mode.

The glorious free play 7X is equipped with the latest EMUI 5.1 system, which is deeply customized based on Android 7.0. It is worth mentioning that EMUI 5.1 provides full screen display function for the glorified free play 7X, the TOP200 game and 1500 apps are fully compatible. For the problem of screen errors caused by narrow borders, 27 gestures and 66 application scenarios were optimized. The "one-click split-screen" technology was designed with the glory of 7X innovation. The multi-task icon opened the split screen to support the application of tuku, music, video, information and browser. The full screen opens up a huge imagination space for third-party applications, and there will be more split-screen combinations in the future.

The mi 5X is equipped with the MIUI 8.5 system based on Android 7.1.2, which has a superior performance in the domestic Android customization system. MIUI system applications have a good quality, so you can basically not download the same kind of third-party apps. Dropdown to integrate the quick switch and notice in a picture, daily use is very convenient and quick, mobile phone busy, application of double opening is equipped with complete functions, such as open after the double system can still flow switch. System management function through control since the launch of the application programs and related rights, the operation of the mobile phone will be more fluent and save electricity, some unnecessary permissions can be shut down in the detailed operation, protect user privacy. Systems, millet 5 x experience won't be too much of a surprise for you, after all, it with you on most millet mobile phone experience have no difference, but the overall smooth system experience, even some thoughtful details, are a lot of small factory system not to take care of.