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Vivo X21 first pin unprecedented popular

Vivo X21 first pin unprecedented popular

Vivo X21 what is the fate of a first pin an unprecedented boom.

On March 29, news, yesterday, vivo formal sale the vivo X21 fingerprint screen mobile phone, its popularity beyond the past.On the same day, the first batch of products are competing for the day cat, jingdong platform, compared to previous generation X20 Plus UD has happened before.But the difference is that the user on the fingerprint X21 screen mobile phone, has been far beyond forecast, that never play "hunger marketing" "one machine is hard to find" has also appeared in vivo of the scene.So under the condition of the stock is enough, why the vivo X21 fingerprint screen mobile phone appear in short supply situation?

It is understood that to be able to in the fingerprints on the screen, full screen time on popular true to use full screen the ultimate imagination.In the past few years, numerous supply chains and terminal manufacturers are trying to break this time period was full screen "the last barrier".As a new biometric technologies, fingerprint screen was born the road full of hardships, in order to make the fingerprint lines through the screen, arrived in the fingerprint Sensor, screen, fingerprint module and terminal manufacturers need to redesign the entire screen structure, production assembly process to conduct a comprehensive transformation of the past.

From research and development level, the principle of fingerprint identification technology is relatively complex, the screen from just showed the vivo can get the patent document.X21 in mobile phone screen fingerprint sensor and screen the innovative joined the collimating layer, and the tube arrangement for special treatment, can make the light better "in and out of peace", improving fingerprint screen using experience, and this is for X21 fingerprint screen mobile phone production raised the threshold.

Vivo with all screen of fingerprint identification technology providers to keep the depth of cooperation, to ensure their own recognition technology has always been at the forefront of screen at the same time, with its strong chain integration ability, will screen the fingerprint identification technology into mass production stage.But the mass production and popularization of the new technology to really, need a certain time, in order to let each factory products meet the high standards of quality requirements, must strengthen the control of each process.In a number of production bases of mutual collaboration, the vivo will further enhance X21 fingerprint mobile phone screen and supply capacity, better meet the demand of consumer easy to buy.
In vivo through the accumulation of years of experience in product development, supply chain, this is known as the "adequate supply of vendor can" supposed "to celebrate the X21 fingerprint screen mobile phone, also is the consumer in vivo years accumulated reputation, trust, and the best portrayal fingerprint" black science and technology "for the screen, it is worth mentioning that in the face of such a popular demand, vivo said will not be" out of stock "because of this, in the short term will be completed as soon as possible replenishment, meet the needs of the consumers.

Vivo X21 fingerprint screen mobile phone "one machine is hard to find", under the trend of consumption upgrade, not only verified users are more willing to select the product that can bring outstanding experience, but also the user recognition of vivo scientific and technological innovation for many years, believe that the vivo X21 fingerprint screen selling mobile phone, believe that more and more vendors will grasp the trend of the development of the full screen, based on the user experience more innovation of science and technology.